Pumping Head for PCP


Pumping Head for PCP

The Pumping Head for PCP (Progressive Cavity Pump) is an integral unit that combines the following functions: Tubing head adaptor, BOP, and rod bar locking device. A flow tee can also be added upon request.

A set of manually-operated rams allows the well to be isolated in order to change the PCP drive head, the drive shaft packing, or intervene in downstream installations.

A clamp-type device allows locking the rod bar and supporting the weight of the drive shaft during maintenance operations.  It features full flow and comes in different sizes of connections and operating pressures. It offers the following advantages:

  • Lower investment.
  • Lower operating cost during the life of the well.
  • It improves safety during maintenance or interventions.
  • It reduces the height of the installation.
  • It improves the rigidity and strength of the installation.
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