Coiled Tubing Hanger


Coiled Tubing Hanger

The Coiled Tubing Hanger allows for hanging 1-1/2 " or 1-3/4" tubing and sealing the annulus space between the tubing and the production tree passage. The annular seal is designed for a 3,000 PSI operating pressure. When the slips are retracted, they allow a total passage equal to the nominal diameter of the connecting flanges.

The hanger has a slip and seal assembly divided into 3 sectors. Each part consists of a slip sector, a seal ring sector, and a lower ring sector. Each part of the slip and seal assembly is guided by a stem that actuates the slip making its teeth to penetrate the tubing and energize the annular seal.

The Coiled Tubing Hanger has interchangeable 1-1/2 "or 1-3/4” slip and seal assembly.

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