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At SandPro, we prioritize the value in safety, customer commitment, integrity, quality, and teamwork. SandPro, LLC is locally owned and operated out of Berthold, ND, and offers a wide product line for wellhead, sand management, and automation application.

In early 2019, our founders observed a major issue with sand in the oil and gas industry; so SandPro, a sand filtration company, was born. Later in 2019, the wellhead and automation divisions were created when SandPro partnered up with MMA.

MMA is a third-generation family owned wellhead and automation company that shares the same values as SandPro. Together they are bringing quality innovated products to the Bakken market.  

SandPro is a solution-based business that has set out to offer a higher level of customer services and innovation new products. Our goal is to stay local now, and into the future.

“Industry Excellence Powered by Values.”

Mission Statement and Core Values

Our Amazing Team Produces Results

Jake Feil
Jake Feil/ CEO /
Joshua Blackaby
Joshua Blackaby/ HSE Manager & Operations Support /
Drew Anderson
Drew Anderson/ Sales, Automation & Project Development /
Kelby Kraft
Kelby Kraft/ Account Manager & Operations Support /
Kayla Sebastian
Kayla Sebastian/ Office Manager /
Justin Klein
Justin Klein/ Account Manager /
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